Little Things

I think a lot of times the bad can try and outweigh the good in life, and sometimes it even seems to win. So many times one hurtful comment can break a person or make them question themselves despite the amount of compliments they may have received that day. Even blogging, I feel like I’m more likely to write about something I’m upset about or when someone hurt me rather than just because something really great happened in my life. The news constantly tells stories of pain and hurt rather than stories of hope and encouragement.

All in all, sometimes it’s just a lot easier to think about all of the bad instead of the good. We can even take the good little things in life like a pretty day, family, friends, food, etc. for granted. I’m really bad about doing this. I can have everything else in my life going great, I fail one test or drop coffee on my lap, and suddenly my life is ruined. I get A’s in every other class, but that C in genetics has me rethinking everything.

Then, there are times when everything really is going poorly. You lost your job or your long term boyfriend or girlfriend you thought was the one breaks up with you, and you find yourself looking for absolutely any kind of hope or encouragement just to get you through the day.

It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? When everything really is going right, the littlest thing can set you off, but when the big storms in life come, you find yourself looking for the little things to get you through it. It really shows you how big the little things in life can be. An encouraging smile, a kind word, or thoughtful note can bring light into someone’s life. On the other hand, a judgmental glance, a spiteful attitude, or a rude comment can tear someone’s entire day down in a second.

So think before you act. Is what your saying really worth tearing someone else down? Are the laughs you might get making fun of someone worth the pain it could cause them? And when the good little things in life do arise, are you cherishing them or just taking them for granted? Just some things to consider. 🙂


*As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. you can always e-mail me at or leave something in the comments section (even though you may not be able to see it, you can now post anonymously).*

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