My Story: An Introduction

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t really been posting anything recently. This is because of a couple of reasons. For one, my classes are kicking my butt, and I feel like I’m slowly drowning in a sea of homework and lab work for my three classes. I’m seriously considering dropping Organic Chemistry, but I bought the books and lab manual for a crazy amount of money, and since they will all be useless next semester since they’re switching text books, I’m trying to stick it out.

The second reason has to do with the fact that I just haven’t felt like myself much lately. I’m not really sure if it’s because of all the stress, hormones, being back on my own after spending a lot of time at home, or a combination of all of that, but it’s really thrown me off.

Anyway, the third reason is because, honestly, I wasn’t sure what to write about. There were lots of subjects that popped into my head that I could write about, but none of them really felt right or gave me the motivation to actually write about it, so I just didn’t write anything. I have definitely missed it, though, and a few days ago, I thought about writing a bit about my life and what I’ve gone through in the past. The idea got me really excited because I think it would shed light on why I started this blog in the first place, what I choose to write about, and the feelings and emotions that go into what I write. Very rarely have I written about something that wasn’t straight out of my past, heart, or own experiences.

The hesitation, however, was that it’s quite personal. A lot of the things I would be sharing only one or two people know about, and they’re definitely parts of my life that I don’t want everyone knowing about. What I began to realize, though, is that in order to accomplish what I want to in my blog, there has to be a certain amount of honesty and transparency in what I write. Many times, helping people comes with being able to say, “I see you. You’re not alone. I’ve been through the same things, experienced the same emotions, the same fears, and I promise that it can get better. Together we can get through this.”

So, that’s kind of my reasoning behind writing it. I’m sure that I probably didn’t need to write an introduction to it, but I kind of wanted to just give an update on what I’m going to be writing about since it’s probably going to be split up into more than one post. I’m also going to put it in my About Me section (probably links to it), so it can be sort of an introduction into me and the heart behind this blog. I’m also probably going to be writing more in depth about what I went through and what I learned from it in other posts, so I think that it would make a good reference point.

So, yeah! I guess we’ll see soon how it turns out, and I hope you enjoy reading it!


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