Invincible Summer by Alice Adams (No Spoilers)

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there lay within me an invincible summer.” -Albert Camus

A little while ago (it may even have been a few weeks ago….geez time is flying by lately) I wrote a book review on The Cellar by Natasha Preston. Originally I had planned on it being a one time thing. Since then, though, I’ve really gotten into reading again, and I actually really enjoyed writing the last review, so if it’s okay with you guys, I believe I’ll write some more from time to time. 🙂

I bought Invincible Summer almost on a whim. I found the book in the middle of the bookstore on one of the displays housing all the newly released Adult fiction novels. Normally, I don’t read Adult fiction unless it’s a mystery (Harlan Coben is my absolute favorite. Seriously, go check him out.) because I feel like the topics don’t really fit into my life right now, but this book got such good reviews that I decided to branch out a bit. I am so incredibly happy that I did because I’d have to say this was the best book I’ve read in a while.

Short Overview 

Basically, the Invincible Summer follows four friends, Eva, Sylvie, Lucien, and Benedict, throughout their adult lives immediately following college graduation and all of the heartache, failures, achievements, dreams, and surprises that come with it. After college the four friends get separated by following their different dreams and career paths, but unfortunate circumstances bring them back together again. The book puts the characters in real life circumstances and shows how you can find the strength within yourself, and with the help of friends, to keep living and moving forward through difficult times.

What I Enjoyed

  • It was refreshingly real. So many times you read books where everything magically turns out great in the end. While that’s great to read every once in a while, I enjoyed this book because it didn’t sugar coat anything. The events in the book felt real which helped you to relate better to it.
  • The characters had a lot of depth, and I feel like you could relate to at least one of them.
  • It was fast paced. I absolutely hate slow books with seemingly pointless chapters. This book was the complete opposite. Because, for the most part, each chapter was set in a different year, there was always some new development in the story to catch up on. It definitely made the book a page turner. I finished it in about two days.

“Everything’s not okay, and it’s not going to be okay, and I still get out of bed every morning and stick a smile on my face even if I feel like my heart is breaking, because what’s the alternative? That’s life. You play the hand you’re dealt.” -Sylvie, Invincible Summer

  • It taught you that everything is not always going to work out the way you planned it, or even be okay, but you can still find the strength within yourself to push through it and see the good in life.
  • The cover is pretty awesome.

What I Didn’t Like So Much

  • It got a bit over my head at times with the content. One of the characters is a Physics professor and another works with finances, so at times I had no clue what they were talking about. Luckily, it wasn’t often, and you didn’t necessarily have to understand it to get the story line.
  • Because it changed years and places so often it could get a bit confusing.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone college age or above. I just feel like younger than that it wouldn’t be as relevant, but by all means try it if you would like!  It helped me put a lot of things in perspective and showed me that everything doesn’t have to go perfectly to enjoy life. It also ended up showing you just how important good friends and family are in life.

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