Everything I Didn’t Say (Transportation Edition)

To the guy standing up instead of sitting in the open seat beside me….contrary to common belief, I don’t bite.

To the freshman and transfers new to the bus system….please take off your bookbags when standing on the cramped bus.

To the girl who pushed me into the seat with her bookbag causing me to bleed….please see above….also, in the words of Sheldon, you’ve made my list.

To the guy in the white car that almost hit me getting off the bus….stop when you see a group of people crossing the street….you’ve also made my list.

To the guy in front of me who smelled strongly of brownies….may I borrow your brownie cologne.

To the bus door….thank you for not opening en route causing me to fall out.

To the bus driver….when you have a bus literally packed full of people, you probably shouldn’t drive recklessly….just a thought.

To the residents of my apartment complex….roads are not just big, black sidewalks, and the gates the cars are stopping in actually do close on their own after a while.

To the white car that came over on me twice….stay in your lane.

To the driver of that white car….texting while driving=bad.

To all white cars….why do you hate me.

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