VBS 2016

So after two days straight of my Mom, Dad, and me working until midnight, we finally finished the set for Vacation Bible School 2016! I have to admit, we were pretty nervous when we first started because we had absolutely no idea what we wanted it to look like. We just started putting things up and hoped it would turn out good in the end (huh! Sounds a lot like life, right?). Anyway, in the end, we were really happy with how it turned out, and the kids absolutely loved it, so I thought I would share it with you guys!


The final product!! Most of the decoration ideas we got from Pinterest, which is literally the best thing ever when you’re trying to decorate or just make something look cute. I would highly recommend getting one if you haven’t already.


When I sent the pictures to my boyfriend, he thought that we somehow made the turtle….we didn’t. Lol. He’s just a blow up float for the pool. He looks good, though, right?


Quite possibly one of my favorite parts: the lobster. I put a little scuba mask on him 😀 I just think he’s so cute. The coral beside him is just made up of tissue paper pom poms you can find at pretty much any party store or on the internet. When they’re not being used for coral, they look really great hanging up in trees for parties.


Adorable cardboard turtle complete with Styrofoam pool noodle seaweed.


I absolutely love this treasure chest. It actually came from my great aunt who bought it for big money at an antique store. It really brought the whole set together. The gold bars are just bricks we spray painted gold. Beside them is just a different version of Styrofoam pool noodle coral we cut into different lengths and glued together.


Yeah…that’s my mom haha.


The best coral we made, I think. It’s made out of Deco Mesh which my mom uses to make wreaths. It can be found at almost any craft store and also on the internet in pretty much any color. We literally just rolled each color up into a cylinder, put them together, folded them in half, and tied up the bottom. Really simple.


So, that’s the set! I hope you are all having a great week!



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