Nursery Lessons

Sometimes when I’m back from college, I go out and help with the children’s ministry at my church. This particular night, it was really pretty outside, so we decided to take the kids outside to play on the playground. The nursery happened to be out at the same time, and I started watching the youth pastor’s little boy. He’s an absolutely adorable, almost one year old, who just started walking about a week ago.

As I was watching him, he would take a couple of steps, wobble a little bit, and then fall over. Then he would get his legs back under him, grunt in frustration, and then stand back up. Once he got back up, he would smile like he was very proud of his standing ability, take a few steps, then topple back over, and the cycle would continue.

One thing always struck me, no matter how much he fell over and grunted in frustration, he always got back up. Always. I have to admit, it was pretty inspiring. Can you imagine what we could do if we had that kind of determination? If we kept getting back up despite the number of times we’ve fallen? If we chose to focus on the accomplishment of standing up again?

Personally, I think it would change everything.


6 thoughts on “Nursery Lessons

  1. Jemima says:

    Oh geez. I just went through your blog and realized your introduction story is something that probably happened a long time ago.
    Well my advice is still valid either way.
    I do hope high school was a good time for you, at any rate (I knew you wrote far too well for someone who’s supposed to be in middle school).
    Also, very inspiring post.
    Stay blessed.

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  2. perfectreverie says:

    Funny thing is that as we grow older, we seem to lose our ability to get back up. Maybe it’s because when we’re merely one year old, every thing’s so new and exciting, and we want to try again and again to move on to the next thing. When we’re older, we give up easily and things aren’t so exciting anymore…
    Oh, what we can learn from the youngsters!

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